Al Dietrick - Infantryman - Texas 36th Division
Note the "T Patch on his arm. That is the Texas 36th Division. This picture was taken in the Liri Valley during the Italian campaign. I believe he was getting ready to go back into the line after San Pietro. I met Al in 1984 during a battle field reunion tour in Southern Italy. He joined the division because some friends told him "it would be fun." He invaded Salerno as my father did. He saw considerable combat and is very active in the division today. I helped a German film crew interview him and I must say that he is very articulate and well spoken, simply a captivating speaker.
This is Al in Alte Villa, which was the commanding heights above the beachhead of Salerno. The Germans used it for artillary observation, hence the importance. This village went back and forth I believe five times before the Americans finally secured it and the Germans retreated north. When I was in Italy in 1984, Al asked me to help him find this exact spot. We did identify it by the two arches in the background. We took several pictures of him there. I am proud to have known him.
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