Danny Thomas - Navy Corpsman on Iwo Jima
Danny and I met about 2 years ago in Irving, TX. He is a kind and gentle soul. Iwo Jima was his "only" campaign. His stories have taken my appreciation of that battle to another level. Danny is mentioned several times in the Best Selling Book, FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS by James Bradley, which I believe is a must read to begin to understand what our boys went through in the Pacific War. Danny is also in the new Spielberg documentary film, THE PIRCE OF PEACE. I believe Danny was 18 when he went in on the second wave of the invasion. Danny saw his best friend Chic get it on the beach when leaving the landing craft and it all went down hill from there. He spent the entire campaign tending the wounded Marines. That means exposing yourself to fire as anywhere there are wounded is where the enemy can fire. My guess is that many men died in his arms. God was with him as he was one of the only Corpsmen not to be killed or wounded.
These are the Navy Corpsmen Danny was with when he indaved Iwo Jima. Danny is the 4th from left on the front row.
These are the Corpsmen that survived Iwo Jima. They have just returned from hell.
Danny before invasion...life was still good.
Note the carbine. The fighting was so savage in the Pacific that Corpsmen (medics) carried weapons as opposed to in the European theater. Danny in the field before Iwo...before the dreams began......
Danny in Hawaii during the happy times

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