Don McGregor - Infantryman
Machine Gunner - 103rd Division
Mr. McGregor volunteered and was assigned to the 103rd as a machine gunner and sent to Europe via Southern France. He was engaged in the battles of the Voges Mountains during the bitter cold months of November and December, 1944. A new leutenant, against the plan of attack, had them occupy houses in Selestadt the night before the planned American attack that was to involve 3 divisions. They were not in a house long before German tanks arrived and parked right along the curb in front of the house. The tank began to shoot at the house at point blank range with its 88. Mr. McGregor was wounded and taken prisoner. He was sent to Czechoslovakia as a POW, forced to work hard labor with almost no food. It is a miricle that he survived at all. He was Company D of the 409th Regement. He still remembers his serial number, which was 18 214 573.

This is Mr. McGregor after being liberated and returning to the States. That is his father, Captain and Chaplan. This picture was taken the first time they met after the son's repatraiton. What a reunion that must have been. Don is a very kind and gentle soul. He was very kind and spent much time telling me about his ordeal. He also gave me a copy of his book, "One Man's Journey." He holds no resentment toward the Germans and even took 2 years of German in college after returing home from prison camp. The Voges mountains had never been conquored in history. The Americans during WWII were the first victorious army there ever.
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