Fred Baldino
504PIR - A Company - 82nd Airborne
As a member of A Company, 504 PIR Fred jumped on Sicily where he was stafed by an ME109 while in the back of a truck. He was lucky and was able to go back into the line within a week. The other 2 troopers who were hit by the same plane were not so lucky. He then jumped on Paestum (Salerno beach head) during the night of 13 September 1943. He was part of the group that attacked Hill 424 while under intense German fire. They took the hill and kept possession of it. This helped save the Salerno invasion. He fought in the mountains of Italy and at Anzio. The unit got back to England too late for the Normandy jump. His next jump was Operation Market Garden on 17 September 1943 where he was one of the men that rowed a boat across the River Waal while under German fire. They took the bridge! He was later wounded by a German morter with the million dollar wound.
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