Gerhard Siebenkess
29 Panzer Grenadier Division

A war buddy of Gerhard gave me his number. I called and asked to interview him regarding the Salerno battle. He picked me up at the train station and took me to eat Italian food as the campaign we were discussing was in Italy. He could still speak Italian. He is a very sympathetic man; one that makes you feel very comfortable from the beginning. He was hesitant to discuss combat at Salerno with me. After much prodding he began to open up and it was obvious that he had many bad memories of the battle. He spoke highly of the American opponets. He stated that when he saw the T-Patch on a wounded American , he knew he was fighting Texans. He later sent me his dog tag that he wore during the Salerno battle. A very kind an gentle man. He insisted on taking me back to the train station. There he told me as a kid he always wanted to ride a bike through Italy. He laughed and said little did I know that I would walk the length of Italy from south to north. As the train departed, he stood at attention and saluted me!

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