Hayden McDaniel
Texas 36th Division - Pre-War
Later to become an FO for the 3rd Army with 105s
This picture was taken while on leave in Paris, December 1944. I assume before the Battle of the Bulge. If he only knew what awaited him in the snowy battle ahead.
Hayden was initially in the Texas National Gaurd before the war broke out. Once he went into the service he became an officer in the artillary. He went into Normandy a few days after D-Day. These Forward Observers were very brave men indeed. They snuck up and hid between the lines to observe and call in fire on the enemy positions. The Germans were always trying to spot them or capture them with patrols. FOs had to be smart and brave. As FO he went right into the line just a few miles off the beach in Normandy. That is where they lost their first artillary piece. During the Bulge he flew that Piper Cub (Peter Fonda in the movie about the Bulge found the German tanks in such a plane) observer plane himself as he had a pilots license. He mentioned an ME-109 flying directly at him and then over him when flying undefended. At the end of the war he was in charge of the American gaurds of SS men. He spoke highly of the Germans during the post war era. He has since past, oddly enough on May 7, V-E Day. He is survived by his lovely wife Janet and a beautiful family.
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