Jacqueline Carabelli (Kervizic)
French Underground
This picture was taken as the Allied troops were liberating Paris. It was published in a Parisian newspaper.
One of the many faces of the French Underground.
Jacqueline (left) posing with the liberators.

Jacqueline was 14 when Paris was occupied by the Germans. Her father heralded from Corsica and was very patriotic. He was a member of the Underground. Hence, the family became a part of the underground rail road that helped downed Allied airmen escape Nazi occupied Europe. Her family assisted 14 Allied fliers (British, American and French) by hiding them in her apartment for 2-4 weeks at a time. They slepted in her room, therefore, she slept on the floor in the hall. Her father would trade on the black market and travel to the country to purchase food. The BBC provided such messages as "The cat jumped over the moon," as a code to take the flyer to the botanical gardens. The men would always walk behind her. In the gardens they sat seperately. Then a stranger would walk by and take the escapee on the next leg of the journey. She has a large document signed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower in appreciation for her assistance. She also has several such documents from the 8th Air Force, etc. She is truely a hero as her actions would have gotten her quickly shot by the Germans.
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