Kurt Finke
29 Panzer Grenadier Division

I had the honor to visit Herr Finke and interview him regarding Salerno. His is a very interesting story. He was drafted in 1937 and was to be discharged 2 weeks before the Poland campaign began. He stated when he saw the first artillary casualty, wounded in the face, he had to vomit. He took place in almost every campaign before Russia. He stated when they invaded Russia, he and his men were already very tired of war. They had been fighting for almost 2 years. Once in Russia, one of the men started complaining about Hitler and how they could not beat the Russians. Some one reported him and he was given a summery court marshal before he was stood up against the wall and shot. Herr Finke stated that not many men complained any more after that. He survived Stalingrad being flown out on one of the last transport planes as he was sick with maleria. He fought at Salerno and was caught in the middle of a ship board artillary barrage. He was never so scarred and lucky to survive as many of his comrads did not. He is a very kind and honorable man.

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