Roy Hoelscher - Infantryman - Morter Man
100th Division
I met Mr. Hoelscher through his son Bryan, who is my friend. As it turns out my buddy's dad was a vet so I asked to speak with him and the family friendship has ensued. Roy hales from Westfailia, TX and speaks German. Many of the people in central Texas learned to speak German at home as their people come from there. He entered service in March of 1944 at the age of 18. He landed in Marseilles, France in October of '44 with the 100th I. D. His unit was Co. C 397 Inf. Reg. as was a mortar man. He fought in Southern France through the Vogues mountains and at war's end was in Stuttgart. The Americans were the first army ever to conquer the Vogues mountain area. Even the Germans in 1940 were unable to get the French out of there. I know Roy was in the fighting around Bitch, France too. As with most vets, it is hard to get him to talk about the fighting. His occupation assignment was with Co. C in the area of Herringen, Germany between East and West Germany. He served as the company interpreter for C company, which was responsible for a section. They made arrests and cleared people to pass across the border.
Note the combat infantry badge above his pocket. Those did not come easily.
This was taken at an airport near Renningen, Germany soon after the war. That is him in the cockpit. He said he could not get it to fly.
He met this group of children gathered in a back yard and joined them for the picture.
Jerry Madigan, his good friend, showing a 60mm mortar in the winter defensive position.
Bern MacFadden was KIA in Stuttgart. Roy said they were in the kitchen of a house and he and another man for some reason went into the back yard. At that time a mortar shell hit the roof and killed Bern inside the kitchen. The snow covered the fox hole where they spent 3 weeks in this location with 4 men in the hole. Note Roy in the upper right. He said this was home.
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