Tom McDonald - Tank Commander (my uncle)
1st Armored Division
Looks like early war garrison. Uncle Tom with an 03. Tom is very lucky as he was badly wounded in manouvers before leaving the States. His unit was almost wiped out at the Kasserine Pass. He was spared that action, but was in the hospital State side for a long time.
What a guy; he always enjoyed life. I understand that he would drive his tank to the officer's club, to get a haircut, etc.
Uncle Tom took his mother, brother Bill and sister Joan for a ride.
Tom was in the ROTC horse cavelry. I have seen a picuture of him on a horse in formation, the flag said "F Troop." They took away his horse and gave him a tank. My grandmother is left, my mom is 2nd left and Tom has his hand on Aunt Joan's face.
These are my maternal uncles. Tom stands far right.
I had the honor to attend Uncle Tom's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. I must say that it is very humbling to observe the U.S. Honor Gaurd.
Post funeral: I am left, cousin Tommy (Uncle Tom's son) middle and Uncle George right.
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