Lt. Klaus Voss - German Tanker (Panzermann) Feldherrnhalle Division
Panzer Brigade 106

I have had the great honor to have interviewed Lt. Voss, I have visited his home and read his book. He has invited me 3 years in a row to the Panzer reunion in Munster, Germany. There I have made great contacts with former enemies of my father from the Salerno invasion. I am proud to call Lt. Voss my friend. He retired from the Bundeswehr Reserve as a colonel. I met his wife on the train returning from the Paratrooper reunion. What a great guy. He was a panzermann in Russia. On Oktober 13, 1944 (Friday) his Mk IV had engine trouble and was left by the other tanks as they retreated. There were 4 Panzer Grenadiers riding on the tank. As they tried to break throught the lines that the Russians were establishing, they were knocked out. Two of the Grenadiers surrendered immediatley and the rest of the crew jumped from the tank and ran like crazy with rounds whizzing by them. One man was wounded but they all got away. He was sent to OCS and became a 2nd Lt. in the closing days of the war. In April 1945 they were trapped in the Harz Mountains with the Russians in the east and the Americans/British in the west. He was given a platoon, which was armed with panzerfausts, MP44s and grenades. They were told to ride their bicycles to a specific town and stop the British army. When they arrived, the British had long since taken the town. He told his troops that it was every man for himself and to try and get home. He walked for months and actually made it home in uniform avoiding capture in occupied Germany. He later became a Colonel in the Bundeswehr and was a liason officer with the Americans. .

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