Walter Nix - Dispatch Rider - My Wife's Maternal Grandfather
All of these pictures are original from my loving Oma Alma Nix in Arborn.
Grandpa Nix was a motorcycle enthusiast in the 1930s. He had a BMW with a side car that was his pride and joy. He came from a small village in the Western Forest. From pictures I have seen, he must have been a member of the NSKK. Right before the war broke out, he and his BMW were drafted. Grandma said that he was not a soldier but a farmer. They spent their honey moon with another war bride couple in a small room by the West Wall. He only had one or two vacations during the war. He came home from prison camp without his BMW, but he did have a bullet hole in his knee. Fishing was his post war passion.
Walter in happier times(right). Notice the dog looks like a Britney, which I have 3 of and use to quail hunt.
Walter dispatching messages(in helmet)
NSKK men in the Western Forest. Grandpa Nix's hobby was motorcycles.
Note the pistol holsters.
Opa is riding on the side car.
NSKK men on parade.
An overrun Russian machine gun nest.

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