Bern Ballard - Texas 36th Division
Bern was a friend of my father. I met him in about 1992 at a reunion while trying to find men that knew my father. He was also in the Quater Master in the 36th Division. He invaded at Salerno and somewhere in France they pulled him from the 36th in October of '44 as infantrymen were badly needed. They put him in the 78th I.D. and he was then commited to the Hurten Forest Battle where he was wounded by artillary (tree burst). He is also a big man as was my father. He told me that while in the rest areas, he would play baseball with my father. My father had the baseball glove and Bern had the ball, so they would play catch whenever they had time. He is a great man and I always enjoy seeing him. He had a brother in the Navy and another that was KIA as a B-25 navigator over German where he is buried. One story that I remember from Bern is that a German was badly wounded. They had the same blood type and a field transfusion was set up to pump blood directly from Bern to the German. Later the German died. Imagine the humanity of such a man giving his blood to save an enemy soldier.
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