Bill Porter
P-47 Pilot - Mexicali Skip (plane name)
1st Tactical Air Force, 58th Fighter Group, 81st Fighter Squadran, Plane name: "Mexicali Skip"
Loaded and ready for take off.....I met Mr. Porter when he answered an my ad in the paper. His kids had no interest in his "history" therefore he parted with some of his souvenirs. He has since passed. I remember that he said he shot down two German twin engine bombers when they were trying to hit bridges we wanted to cross over. He was primarily ground support, also targets of opportunity. I understand that he gave the German tanks hell. He was shot down over Normandy on D+6 when strafing the German lines. He was shot through the knee on the way down, finally being recovered by the skirmishing Americans. As I recall, he flew close to 100 missions.
That is him ....
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