Capt. Carl Bayne - Texas 36th Division
Capt. Bayne is standing left. This picture was taken after Lt. Quarles (center) and Capt. Bayne escaped from the German POW train. Both of them were in the 143rd infantry regiment and were over run by the 26th Panzer division on Sept. 13, 1943 at the Salerno beach head; the Persano gap to be exact. The battalion had been sent in to fill a gap that the 179th regiment of the 45th I.D. could not hold during the the previous days. The entire battalion was left exposed and therefore encircled. Despite stiff but brief resistance, the Americans were all captured or killed. Whilst on a POW train north between Naples and Rome, they jumped off at night on an incline after finding a door unlocked. They spent weeks getting back to their own lines. The night before the Rapido River attack, Capt. Bayne informed Lt. Quarles that he had received a letter from his wife informing him of the birth of his son. Capt. Bayne was KIA the next night after crossing the Rapido River; never to see his new boy. That is the price of freedom!
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