Gene Jameson
Infantryman - Texas 36th Division - 143rd Regement
Mr. Jameson is a very colorful character! He is a joy to speak with....I have known him for maybe 10 years and seen him at every reunion that I have attended. He joined the Texas National gaurd before the war. When the Guard was nationalized he was suddenly a soldier. He loved to collect German souvenirs and send them home. This picture is of him after he received a battle field commission. He also was awarded the Crouix de Guerre by Charles de Gual himself.
This picture was taken in Italy not far from the front.
Gene is on the right. This was taken after they were pulled off the line and went back to Salerno for R&R. Note the German field glasses case next to his foot. He took them off a dead German tanker after he knocked out the tank with 1 (one) phosforous round. The glasses were on the tankers shoulder that was haning out of the tank....he still has them and you can tell that they have been very hot....when you touch them, the black still comes off on your hand.
Here they are in the Texas National Guard.
Tough looking bunch of Guardsmen before the war.
Shooting craps for a $50 bill on the ground.
The men are going into the South of France for the invasion....they look very unconcerned and confident.
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