Hugo Musshoff - SS Soldier of the Leibstandarte

All photos are original and were given to me by Hugo.
Hugo Musshoff of the Leibstandarte with his identical twin brother during the "happy times" in Berlin. Raised in a stict Catholic boarding school, they wanted to become priests. After two weeks in the seminary they quit because of the long hours on their knees praying. They were both inducted in the SS in 1936 after quitting the Catholic seminary and serving six months in the State Work Service program(RAD). Both were honor guards when Hitler met with Prime minister Chamberlin. Chamberlin's appeasement sould be a lesson for us today. All of these men heard those hollow words declared by Chamberlin, "Peace in Our Time." Hugo's brother later left the church to become an SS officer and then fell in France against the Americans in 1944. Hugo would not leave the church and stayed a sergeant. He told me, not leaving the church was his salvation. While leading a counter attack, he was wounded in the stomach and captured in Russia in 1944. He was finally released from Soviet prison camp in 1955. He was amazed that I wanted to hear his stories. Not many people in Germany will listen to the old SS men. A good but broken man. He has since passed.
Here Hugo is seated in the middle. This is Hitler's balcony at Berchtesgarden. Hugo said when Hitler was gone, the gaurds would enjoy the facilities. The SS man on the far right was the first casualty in Poland. Only Hugo and the man seated second to left survived the war.
Hugo's unit, SS men in Russia. Note the camo smocks and also the burp gun magazines.
The Russian mud.
The formation makes me think that they are close to making a push. Note, they are all SS, except the man in black is a tank officer.
This was one of Hugo's commanding officers in Russia.
A knocked out German Mk IV in Russia with SS men beside it.
Pumping out a flooded bunker in Russia. Note the SS soldier has a Luger on his hip and a burp gun to the left of the bunker door.
An SS machine gun squad.
I am guessing a prewar photo. Hugo is one of the men in gray uniform on the left holding back the crowd.
Prewar photo of Hitler and Mousilini
The sign reads, Prag greets the victorious SS Leibstandarte (SS 1st Division, Hitler's personal bodygaurds).
Hugo on gaurd in Russia with an MG at night.
This is the first picture Hugo gave me. Notice how all of the generals are fully concentrated on Hitler.
SS artillary, note the grenade sticking out of the soldier's boot.
A knocked out Polish armoured train. Handy work done by the SS Leibstandarte.
The inscription on reverse reads, "Generaloberst Lindermann und General Wummenberg
SS men at the Arch de Triumph in Paris.
A fallen Leibstandarte member.

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