Morris Courington
36th Division
I met Mr. Courington at the 2001 36th Division reunion. At that time he was the president of the association. He is truely an gentleman. He joined the outfit as a replacement after Salerno. I remember him saying that one day the sergeant that he really admired came to him in his fox hole and told him that he had been promoted to sergeant. Morris replyed that he did not want the promotion and could not spend the money that came with the raise while on the front. The platoon sergeant told him that when the new replacements arrived the next day that he could pick out the new sergeant. He relented and accepted the promotion. That particular sergeant was killed north of Rome as the 36th advanced on the back of tanks at a German road block. This haunted Morris.... he kept telling me of how he would dream that the sergeant would wake him by kicking him telling him that he had 3 minutes to move out. Morris was wounded in the chin by a German machine gun in France. He has since passed. Yet another great man that I miss. I did call him once for veterans day and expressed my appreciation for his service to our country. He was so suprised that I called. I am proud to have known him.
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