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Dad state side with the newly issued M-1 Carbine.(right)
Buddy Sinclair and George Cone at the unvailing of the 36th Division memorial in Dallas. It was donated by Buddy and Katie Sinclair in September 1996. Buddy would invite us fishing on Lake Fork where he lived. We spent many a pleasant hour chatting and fishing. He has since passed.

I invited a few vets over for dinner. Left is Danny Thomas of Iwo Jima and the book Flags of Our Fathers. Danny said he carried a carbine when he landed but threw it away as he could not tend to the wounded and carry it too. JW Thomas is shouldering his old weapon and Don McGregor symbolizes the POW which he bacame. As it turned out both McGregor and JW Thomas were in the 103rd Infantry Division. McGregor was captured in Selestadt after German tanks pumped 88 rounds into his building at piont blank range. He was wounded and taken prisoner. I showed them some stuff and they seemed to enjoy the souvenirs so we goofed off for a while. What a great bunch of men!

These paratroopers jumped on Normandy where they were captured. This picture was taken after they were "liberated." I cannot give the circumstances of that action. Notice the captured German pistols displayed and other German gear.

Great propaganda...the M-1 still is an incredible weapon. Every Vet that I have ever spoken with has expressed great confidence in and appreciation for the M-1. I understand that it was very reliable and accurate. My father told me, and I have also heard other Vets say, that if the M-1 action froze in the night or rain, the men would relieve themselves on the action to dethaw it.

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