Wayne Kirby - Mortar Man
36th Division
Wayne Kirby and George Cone at the 36th reunion in Dallas 2003
Wayne took photos of the art in the hotel. He likes to get ideas from it for his paintings. He has painted pictures that win first place in competitions. Quite impressive!
Wayne demonstating the art of how to fire a mortar
Wayne on the 50!
Wayne is one of my very good friends. He and I just clicked from the start. I have seen him every year at the reunions for almost a decade now. We always buddy up and sit at the dinners together. He hales from Georgia and is a true Southern Gentleman. He was a replacement for the 36th just after Salerno. He fought with them all the way throught Monte Cassino to the end of the war. He has some incredible stories. He is also an acomplished rose grower (rosarian?) and painter. He has a beautiful dog, Beauregard, that he treasures as much as I do mine. At the last reunion he came to my house for lunch and met my lovely wife and beautiful child. I am proud to know him. At the last Dallas reunion, he and I went to his room to drink some "bubbly" as we waited for dinner. We had a great chat about life and at one point he stated that our conversation reminded him of being in the army with a buddy just sitting around an BSing. That made me feel like a million dollars.
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