Worster Morgan - 82nd Airborne
Woose hails from Dallas and attended Highland Park High School. He joined the 508th Airborne, which became a part of the 82nd. He told me that he had 3 combat jumps; the first in Normandy, the second in Holland and the third out of the back of a truck in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a platoon sergeant when he jumped at Normandy. I remember him stating the he pulled one dead 82nd para out of some water that drowned on landing. Note the 2 jump stars on his jump wings. His unit received the Presidential Unit Citation, note above his right pocket. After the war, he was in General Eisenhower's honor gaurd in Frankfurt. He recently passed. As with so many of these men, he was very kind and also very humble about his achievements and service to our counrty. His lovely wife Lynn gave me the uniform in which he is pictured. It is one of my prized pieces!
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